New horizons to revolutionize your marina or yacht club

Since 2005 Raona has come a long way in Marina Management Software Development. All this improvement is due to our developers who put their best together listening and responding to Marina’s industry demands and needs. 

Practice makes perfect. We’ve successfully created Ideris, a raona’s brand, to bring simplicity to the complexity of Marina Management.

The result, more than a decade of work in tandem with the main Catalan Marinas, brought to live Galatea, our Market-leading ERP that will accelerate growth and dramatically improve the efficiency of your business.

To date, beyond Galatea ERP we offer a full spectrum of software solutions to help you unlock the potential of Marina productivity by optimizing your business with the latest market technology.

We would like to invite you to visit our website and find out all we can do for you.

More than 150 employees


6 Offices

(Spain, United Kingdom, Andorra, Argentina)

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