Sailing to your digital experience

Manage your marina or yatch club on a global software platform


Powerful design
Quick learning for your users

View vessels and clients portfolio, plan your next stays, consumptions control, invoice the offered services, all in one click.

Get connected from anywhere

Mobility for your employees and customers. Allow to your employees work while are moving around the marina. Offer to your clients a channel to check their data information, ask for a new service, consumptions control and pay bills without the need to go to the marina office.

Seamless design communication

Simplify your feedback process by having clients and marina employees directly on your application data. See new communications in one convenient place, or drill down by customer or by your own name.

Device Frame
Document management
All your marina information centralized

Manage better, faster, in a more collaborative approach, documents shared among your employees. Create, organize and update document types just by dragging and dropping interactions, and visualize them through their belonging profile.

Know deeply the day-to-day of your business

Unlock the value of your marina data and reap the rewards of one-to-many analytics. Increase productivity, customer retention and relationships knowing how your marina is being used, and what likes to your clients.

Business are made of relationships
Technological Partner

A great overall customer experience building customer relationships that are more meaningful, personal and productive. Pre-sales services which help to guide your business, support, post-sales services and engagement.

Tailored services to optimize your marina operations

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