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Marina Management

A driving vision to provide a suite of solutions designed to simplify the day-to-day marina and dry dock area management. Know the marina availability status at just one glance. Check the Marina map, interact with and move vessels, create stays and much more!

Comprehensive accounting

Use the accounting system that better suits you! Galatea provides a connection module integration with the leading accounting market software solutions (Navision, SAP, Datisa, Contaplus, etc.).

Business Intelligence

The ultimate feature that provides you the insights and tools you need for strategic decisions by creating your own key indicators and generating reports and graphs.


To give an optimal service abroad to your clients, take advantage of the functionalities of Online Rental Berth Management and booking services at just one click away using the website or their own device.

Customers Relationship Management

Know everything about your clients without forgetting the potential ones. User-friendly correspondence with customers.

Fast check-in

Offer to your clients a better experience by serving them quicker. Scan the client’s identification cards and automatically you will have the user profile created into the system.


A bespoke portfolio completely customizable for your clients. The solution is fully manageable; to add participants and schedule activities are some of the possibilities that offers the application.

Access Control

Increase security and control through the use of the centralized management console enhancing visibility of who can get into your marina.

Third party’s integrations

Galatea is the global solution to manage your marina. The integration of all your systems from one single point.


Improve and personalize the client experience as welcoming them from the berth side. Allow to your clients know in real time all the information that it concerns them.

Documents management

An integrated utility to store every image, documents, contracts, passports in one single place. Categorize your information to find it easily at any moment.


Simplify your marina communications by having clients and marina employees directly on your application data. Contact your customers in an agile and efficient way, either with individual or massive communications. Check at any time the records of messages, e-mails, letters, etc. exchanged with your customers or employees.

Store Point-Of-Sale

Manage your sales transactions efficiently and control your stocks.

Vessels portfolio

Have all your vessels information in the system, know when the insurance is going to expire, who belongs to it, etc..

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